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The best skin bleach is an acid, which may sound scary but it's not. Natural acids can be very gentle. We drink acids such as citrus juice and eat Vitamin C. Kojic acid comes from a plant, and is a very safe ingredient in the best skin bleaching creams available. Skin bleaching has come a long way from the days of home remedies that actually used 100% lemon juice to fade dark tones. Ground up almonds used to be plastered to the skin so the acid in the nuts could bleach skin. You no longer have to resort to food for skin whitening.

But the concept remains the same. Doctors know and recommend acid to fade color. Acid encourages melanin to disperse in skin cells. Melanin is what darkens tone. You'll find the best skin bleach contains kojic acid alone, or combined with ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

Maybe your skin turns white just hearing the term "skin bleaching". Skin bleach does not treat your skin like dirty laundry. You won't be using the chlorine bottle under the sink.

* The best bleaching creams are specially formulated to lighten tone, or, more scientifically, to inhibit melanin from forming.

* Products for lightening are formulas designed to avoid the dangerous ingredients of older treatments, such as hydroquinone.

In reality, the word intimate area bleaching might be misleading. The best skin bleaching cream available does not erase the darker pigmentation in the epidermis in the way chlorine bleach eliminates grass stains in socks. The best skin bleach fades the color as melanin production is curbed.

The best contain Alpha Arbutin. This is an exceptional natural substance for whitening. Doctors often set out to prove natural products don't work. In the case of Alpha-Arbutin, researchers discovered it worked and worked well. It interrupts the production of melanin by as much as 40%. That means significant lightening of skintone.

What responds to whitening products? It's a long list.

1. Overall skintone. You can even out color or lighten heavy pigmentation.
2. Age spots, moles and liver spots. One advantage of a cream is that you can put it directly onto spots and dots.
3. Acne scar discoloration. Redness will also fade.
4. Freckles.
5. Hyperpigmentation.
6. Dark circles under eyes and underarms.
7. intimate Skin bleaching areas.
8. Melasma-very serious, large clumps of melanin.

In your search for the best skin bleaching cream available, you are no longer limited to products containing hydroquinone. Some over-the-counter products in the US contain up to 2% hydroquinone, but any higher concentration requires medical supervision. One side effect is hives. Far more significant, US health officials allow only small amounts of hydroquinone in intimate area bleaching products because of a link to cancer. Hydroquinone is outright banned in some countries.

The global market for lightening products is projected to reach ten billion dollars within five years, which is an amazing rate of growth. The demand was first heaviest in the Asia-Pacific countries, and is growing in the US as word of the benefits of kojic acid and Alpha Arbutin spreads.

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